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How Loanistics works
Give us some details on the kind of loan you need and how you’ll use it. We’ll send your request out to our lender network, and then you’ll get competing offers.
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This works just like shopping for a flight. Lenders are competing for your business, which means you get the most competitive offers. No markup from us.
We make loan shopping easy. You can compare offers side by side, talk with loan officers to haggle, or in many cases, just apply online. Choose the loan that works best for you.
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A simpler way to buy or refinance
Whether you’re here for your first house or third refinance, we’re ready to help.
Whether you’re looking to Refinance an existing mortgage, or Purchase a new home, we have a select group of licensed lenders who can help. Regardless if you have bad credit, Self-Employed showing little to no income, or an Investor, our select team has an option for you!
Do you struggle finding the right mortgage to fit your needs?
Our hand-selected lenders are licensed in your state, knowledgeable, friendly, and skilled in finding a loan for almost every scenario!
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Haven't taken advantage of the all-time lowest rates in history?
If you currently own a home and haven’t taken advantage of the ALL-TIME LOWEST RATES IN HISTORY, we have multiple lenders who can help! And, because this will be the most important financial decision you’ll ever make, we guarantee the best loan because you will have multiple options from different lenders who want to help!
Have you been told NO before?
Whether you have been denied because of bad credit for Collections, Judgements, Bankruptcy, Forbearance, or Foreclosure, we have multiple lenders who can help!
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Have you been told NO because you’re Self-Employed and your income doesn’t support a new mortgage?
WE CAN HELP! Our select lender partners have alternate options for the Self-Employed!
Have you been told NO because you’re a savvy Investor wanting to buy another property
Regardless of income or how many mortgages you have, our select group of licensed lenders have options for you today! Whether a seasoned investor, or buying your first, start looking because you CAN secure a loan!
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Is Loanistics affiliated with the lenders?
Our select group of lenders are not affiliated with Loanistics. Each are licensed through NMLS and have access to loan programs most don’t! To insure you’re offered the best terms, you can expect offers from different lenders so you choose the best for your needs.
Don’t wait! There are options for YOU today! Whether you are looking to Refinance or Purchase, our licensed lenders are ready to help!
Frequently Asked Questions

Loanistics quickly connects consumers to (lenders) who compete for your business. We provide a convenient ‘one-stop-shop’ for your loan needs by giving you choice, convenience and value while helping you find the lender that’s perfect for you.

Loanistics does not charge any kind of fee for the service of matching borrowers with lenders. In addition, no lender that you are matched with through Loanistics will ask you for any upfront fees to “guarantee” or “insure” a loan. Beware if you are asked for a fee or “insurance” before completing an application with a loan officer. No legitimate lender does this.

Loanistics does not charge you for using its services. Each Lender you are matched with determines their own policy regarding closing costs. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine the amount of closing costs or out-of-pocket closing expenses. If we are able to match your request with a Lender, you may discuss your specific situation with them once you are in contact.

If we can’t match your loan request to a Lender, you may return to the Web site and complete a new loan request any time you want. We are always adding new Lenders to our network, so please continue to check back.